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At ease with compliant traveling

One central place for simplified Posted Worker Notifications and compliant traveling. Brisa offers everything you need for a controlled and compliant travel and immigration management process. Discover all features during a demo.

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Automated assessments

At ease with automated assessments. At ease with compliant travels.

Our smart travel assessments informs you which documents are required for the business travel you are registering and when you need to request them for timely acquisition. Brisa supports:

• Posted Worker Notifications – Quickly check if a notification is necessary within the Posted Workers Directive and register the travel straight away.
• VISA requests – Apply for a VISA for non-EU travels.
• A1 and D101 – If you require insurance coverage for travel, you can apply for it through Brisa alongside a Posted Worker Notification or VISA request.

Register your travels

Register your business travel at ease with our smart travel assessment. Brisa automatically knows which documents are required and when you need to request them for timely acquisition.

Register your travels

Provide necessary information

Provide all necessary information for the travel documents. Brisa will advise you which information is necessary for the intended travel. You can give employees access via a personal account to upload and provide their personal information, but you can also do it on their behalf.

Provide details

Stay on top of each travel

As soon as Brisa has acquired the needed travel documents for a trip or requires additional information, the system will alert you via its smart messaging system. You can communicate directly with colleagues or with one of the Brisa experts.

Feature notifications

Brisa for HR
At ease with one, centralized process

Organizing compliant mobility involves a lot of work. Work that you are often not all that familiar with and that is added on top of your busy day-to-day schedule. Requesting the right permits in many different countries, managing costs involved with these travels, gathering and distributing documentation, handling sensitive data, reporting back within the organization and so on. Sounds like too much to handle, right?

It’s time to be in control. To experience the power of artificial intelligence and automation, to have complete and centralized insights in your own or your company’s travels and to enjoy having expertise and knowledge by your side. Brisa lets you be on top of your and your company’s mobility, while unburdening you at the same time.

Let us do the work so you can do yours.

Brisa for hr
Brisa for management

Brisa for Management
At ease with process efficiency

With the Posted Workers Directive being actively enforced by European governments, Human Resources and Global Mobility professionals get burdened with an additional task on top of their regular work. A task that requires in-depth expert knowledge and that has big consequences for both the individual employee and the company if not done appropriately.

We make sure everything is arranged. Let HR and GM professionals take advantage of the automated workflows in our digital platform. Brisa immediately shows which travel documentation is required, which regulations must be complied with and which actions must be taken. An application process can be started with the push of a button, without having to spend hours delving into the complex matter.

Brisa for Employees
At ease with seamless access to your international destination

When traveling to another country to perform on-site work, you want to worry as little as possible about all peripheral matters. Your business travel must run as smoothly as possible, while you are assured that you and your organization fully comply with all regulations.

Brisa offers the possibility to update, upload and manage your necessary travel documents.

You can be confident that everything has been arranged properly and can immediately access all the documentation you need for your travels.

Brisa for employees
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